Benefit Cosmetics- Hoola Matte Bronzer Review

Product Name: Hoola Bronzer
Size: 0.14 oz
Price: $20 (+ taxes)
Shade: Natural Bronze

Too Long, Didn’t Read

TLDR; must-have, perfect for year round use, versatile, matte, natural finish, blendable, high pigmentation, 10/10 would recommend.

If you haven’t heard of the Hoola Bronzer before, ohh boy do we have some catching up to do. Most people that have been around the beauty block once or twice have heard about this product. It’s a staple product for many beauty gurus, and I must say, I can’t blame them!


For starters, let’s talk about the cute packaging. The product comes in this cute little box with a mirror and a little brush inside. The brush is perfect for getting the product exactly where you want (though, if you’re going for more of a sun-kissed/natural look I’d recommend a bronzer brush so it adds color to the entire cheek area as opposed to just the hollow of the cheeks).


Now, onto the bronzer itself. The Hoola is the perfect in-between of a bronzer and contour; perfect for everyday wear throughout the year. It’s best known to be suitable for all skin-tones/skin-types and can be used in several different ways; adding dimension to the face, adding color for a sun-kissed look, or even a light contour. I’ve seen many fairer friends of mine use this as a contour, however, I personally mostly use it to add dimension and some color to my cheeks for everyday wear. The finish is of course, matte and natural.

This product is perfect for my brown skin tone. It’s the perfect addition to my everyday make up routine. Seriously, I can’t get enough of it now that I finally found the perfect bronzer. I’ve tried many bronzers but I always found that both high-end and drug store bronzers made my skin look either orange or dirty/muddy (*cough* chocolate soleil *cough*).


Overall, this product gets 10/10 from me and a lifetime of recommendations.

Where can I find this: Benefit Cosmetics, Sephora, and BeautyBoutique by Shoppers Drug Mart

That’s all I have to say for now. Let me know what your favourite bronzer is in the comments below and if you’ve tried the Hoola! Don’t forget to comment and follow!

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6 thoughts on “Benefit Cosmetics- Hoola Matte Bronzer Review

    1. You have to try it if you haven’t already. They come in 2 sizes but I usually go for the smaller one because it’s a little more affordable and the last one lasted me like 7 months! Also, the smaller one is better for storage/traveling, I find the bigger one to be too clunky.

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